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Christoph Moschberger & da Blechhauf'n_b


It all began in 2016 with a video clip by Christoph Moschberger and Albert Wieder - completely reduced, as a duet of flugelhorn and tuba. The feedback online was huge. The motivation to keep going is even greater. The duo became an octet and the first joint concerts by “Christoph Moschberger & da Blechhauf'n” were not long in coming. The "Woodstock der Blasmusik" 2017 provided the framework for an acclaimed concert premiere and finally convinced Moschberger to bring the seven top musicians from "da Blechhauf'n" on board for his first solo album.

"Home" was published in November 2019 and impressively shows that the symbiosis of the exceptional German trumpeter and the Austrian sheet metal legends can be described as a real stroke of luck.
Christoph Moschberger and da Blechhauf'n are a unit that carries you away. What belongs together comes together!

"Home is a panacoustic of the styles in the never-too-narrow cast of the pure brass-octet ."

(Peter Mussler, from "COMBO")

The "HOME STORY" (german)

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