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Private lessons and coachings for existing ensembles, orchestras, big bands, brass bands

"It doesn't matter whether I'm looking at a complete beginner, an ambitious layman, a highly talented youngster or a veteran professional trumpeter - the challenge is always to help everyone to take the next development step. And never lose sight of the music regardless of the technical issues involved! "

Are you interested in a private lesson? Or would you like your ensemble to be coached by Christoph Moschberger?

Christoph Moschberger offers individual coaching for trumpeters and tailor-made workshops and group coaching for existing ensembles on site.

Individual coaching can either take place in AT-6405 Pfaffenhofen (Tyrol, Austria) or online via Skype / Zoom. Individual coaching may also be possible elsewhere by arrangement.

If you are interested, please send an inquiry using the contact form.

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