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Tutorial videos, exercises, tips & tricks
for at home - every month - at fair prices

What exactly is PATREON?

Patreon is a crowdfunding website for creative people.

With this platform, Christoph Moschberger offers all trumpeters the opportunity to receive regular online lessons and new impulses - and all of this conveniently via the Internet straight to their own practice room.

Every month Christoph puts new, exclusive material online! With detailed learning videos, the appropriate exercises, solo pieces, duets as play-alongs, and much more, the "Patrons" have the opportunity to work independently on their trumpet playing at any time. All patrons have direct contact to Christoph via Patreon should any questions arise.

Become a "Patron" of Christoph now!

The whole thing is available for a fair price of 6 € per month (plus VAT depending on the country). And don't worry: the subscription can be easily canceled every month and as a newcomer you even get exclusive access to all previous content! Look in!

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