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Insights into the (shallow) depths of trumpet playing

In his “Trumpet Insights” workshop, Christoph Moschberger presents his personal approach to playing the trumpet and reveals how he manages to survive as a professional trumpeter in completely different genres. In understandable words and with the help of many concrete examples, Moschberger explains the holistic context of trumpet playing and reveals the typical predetermined breaking points.

In addition to the basic questions about breathing, approach and technique, Christoph Moschberger places special emphasis on practical topics such as intelligent practice, stress management and stylistic flexibility from traditional brass up to pop music. With the participants, Moschberger deepens the knowledge gained through concrete exercises in the group.

The workshop lasts approx. 3 hours and is aimed at trumpeters and flugelhorn players of all ages with playing experience from an intermediate level (silver / gold). Beginners are welcome to attend the workshop as passive participants. Bring your own instrument and a music stand.

The workshops are presented by Yamaha.

Are you interested in organizing a workshop or do you want to book Christoph Moschberger as a coach for your ensemble? Get in contact !

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